Migrate Drive Tables to Cloud SQL

We recently began the process of deprecating Drive Tables as a supported data model in App Maker. New apps can no longer create Drive Tables, and existing apps should migrate to Google Cloud SQL as soon as possible.

Before you begin the migration

Get your app ready for migration:

  1. Make sure no other developers are working on the app.
  2. Identify and delete any unneeded data in your Drive Tables. This will ensure a quick and reliable migration.
  3. If needed, republish the latest deployment to make sure any pending changes in App Maker have been deployed to users.
  4. Test the app to verify the latest deployment works as expected.
  5. Click Settings settings chevron_right Revisions and add a tag to this deployment. This is a precautionary step so you know which version to use in the unlikely event there's a need to revert to an earlier deployment.
  6. Click Settings settings chevron_right Deployments. In the table entry for the most recent deployment, click Export data. Choose the option to export all models and relations data to a sheet. You'll use this sheet to verify app data after export.

Migrate to Cloud SQL and verify data

When you've completed the prerequisites, you're ready to migrate your app to Cloud SQL:

  1. Click Data in the left navigation to load your data models.
  2. Click Upgrade to Google Cloud SQL.

After you've completed the migration

When App Maker finishes migrating your data:

  1. Republish your app and ensure it works as expected.
  2. Export your data models again and compare the new sheet to the one you exported before migration.
  3. Add a tag to this deployment so you know which revision was the first to use Cloud SQL.