Google App Engine

Creating an API server

You must define an API server that uses the API or APIs you have created. To define an API server:

  1. Create a separate module, for example, (you can use any name you want). The following sample shows what you would need to add to this file:

    import endpoints
    import your_api
    application = endpoints.api_server([your_api])

    where your_api is the name of the API you are exposing. Notice that if the API is implemented in several classes, your_api is the collection of classes, as described in Creating an API Implemented with Multiple Classes .

  2. In your app.yaml file, map the API server you just created to the endpoints location as follows:

    # Endpoints handler
    - url: /_ah/spi/.*
      script: services.application

    where services is the file name you used for your API server module. Notice that the endpoints path is always /_ah/spi relative to the application.

  3. Set the runtime to Python 2.7, since Endpoints is no longer available in the Python 2.5 runtime:

    application: your-app-id
    version: 1
    runtime: python27
    api_version: 1
  4. Add Endpoints to the Libraries section of app.yaml, since the Endpoints library is not included by default:

    - name: endpoints
      version: 1.0

    Note that you can specify the desired Endpoints library version. (Currently, the only version available is the GA version, 1.0.)

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