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App Indexing Checklist

Android app

  • App supports deep linking and the manifest file describes an intent filter with the action android.intent.action.VIEW, and has the categories android.intent.category.BROWSABLE and android.intent.category.DEFAULT.
  • App deep link implementation has been tested by running the command "adb shell am start [deep link]" or by using the deep link test tool on a fresh app install with an Android device.
  • Tapping the BACK button after opening a deep link leads you back to the previous screen.
  • After opening a deep link, relevant content is visible without further action required; app provides the "first click free" experience even on a freshly installed app.
  • App supports a deep link that opens the home screen.
  • App implements the App Indexing API to surface app's history in Google app query autocompletions. (Optional)
  • App tracks performance in Search using referrer extra. (Optional)

Website and server

  • Deep link annotations have been added to sitemaps or to web pages.
  • None of the domains or subdomains the app needs resources from have robots.txt that blocks Googlebot from those resources.
  • Official website(s) for your app have been verified in your app's Play Console.