Manage Android devices and apps

Android devices are the most popular choice for businesses. The Android Management API provides a way for you to easily manage enterprise devices and apps, whether you specialize in developing enterprise mobility management (EMM) software or are developing an in-house solution for your organization.

For all Android devices

The Android Management API is compatible with any device running Android 5.1 or above that has Google Play installed. Designed with the needs of businesses in mind, it doesn't matter if an organization's devices come from a single manufacturer or from multiple sources. You can use the Android Management API to develop a single solution to manage them all.

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For a range of industries

The initial release of the Android Management API focuses on supporting devices that fulfill a single use case, such as digital signage, ticket printing, hospitality check-in services, inventory management or kiosks. You can use the API to apply device and app-level management policies, as well as lock down the usage of a device to a single app or small set of apps.

Simple and easy to use

The Android Management API works with its own device policy controller (DPC), Android Device Policy, to apply policies to devices. This lets you create a management solution without developing your own DPC or writing any on-device code. To begin, create a Cloud Platform project, enable the API, and start managing devices and apps with a few simple calls.

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Android Management API (beta)
Android Management API (beta)