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ADC 2 Overall Winners

We're pleased to announce the overall winners in the Android Developer Challenge 2. These winners were selected after two rounds of scoring by thousands of Android users as well as an official panel of judges. Please see our official page for more information about the challenge.

Overall Winners

icon SweetDreams
SweetDreams is a revolutionary tool that will finally allow you to go to sleep without worrying about changing your phone settings in order to avoid unwelcome late night calls. You can even use those inactivity periods to save battery power as well, and of course forget about enabling WiFi, Bluetooth or ringtones volume every morning again. Thanks to SweetDreams activation filters all those settings will be automatically determined based on time, location and even other parameters such as sounds near the phone or movement!!! All of that is available for you in the same really easy to use application. Just set your filters and SweetDreams will do the job for you.
icon What the Doodle!?
'WTD!?' is a real-time online multiplayer game where one player tries to draw out a given phrase and others try to guess it. Features FFA and Team games, Global Highscores, Personal Face Doodles, integrated Voice Recognition and more! Real-time drawing!? Built for performance, you'll really see the magic at first doodle!
icon WaveSecure
WaveSecure is the an innovative security product that provides users with complete mobile device and data protection. It enables users to remotely lock down and track down lost phones, get a copy of their data securely backed up, and remotely wipe data of the phone to protect user privacy. WaveSecure has been selected by leading Global brands such as Nokia as their preferred choice of mobile security service for premium S60 users in India and is one of the highest revenue generating Value-Added-Service (VAS) with the lowest churn in SingTel. tenCube has been selected as one of the Top 100 Tech startups in Asia by Red Herring and one of six Asian Innovators by Wall Street Journal; WaveSecure has also received numerous industrial recognition including the Mobile Monday Peer Awards in Singapore and is nominated a finalist in GSMA’s Asia Mobile Awards 2009.

Education/Reference Winners

icon Plink Art
Plink Art is an app for identifying, discovering and sharing art. Take a photo of a painting, and the Plink Art servers will try to identify it. You can also browse our database of artwork by keyword or timeline and share your discoveries with friends.
icon Word Puzzle
The Word Puzzle is designed to provide a fun way to learn basic English words for preschool children. Kids can study spelling and pronunciation with flash card and check achievement with word puzzle. Interesting visual and sound interaction with awarding system helps kids to keep learning. Let kids play with your Android.
icon Celeste
Wow! Put excitement back into our Solar System! Impress your friends as you locate the planets, Sun, and Moon simply by aiming your phone's camera in all directions day or night. See exactly where the Sun will rise or set. Is there a Full Moon tonight, and when will it appear over the horizon? Perhaps that bright star is actually the planet Venus? With amazing 3D graphics superimposed onto your phone's camera, you can see the planets, Sun, and Moon as they move through our sky. See the objects as they appeared in the past, or how they will align in the future such as December 21, 2012. You can even view their locations on the ceiling, walls, or floor while sitting indoors. Perfect for astronomers and photographers because Celeste provides a 24-hour time-track for each object. Kids will really enjoy learning about the Solar System in this really fun way! Celeste also displays "fun facts" in addition to detailed scientific information about each celestial object. Celeste is an awesome way to learn about the Solar System!

Entertainment Winners

icon A World of Photo
Loosely inspired by the traditional "Spin the bottle", A World of Photo is a casual, geographic worldwide multiplayer online game with a social touch. Players spin their phones and will receive a photo from whomever in the world they pointed to. For best play experience, let the app run in the background.
icon SongDNA
Need any information on a song? Practicing for a big karaoke gig? Music quiz coming up tomorrow? The SongDNA widget allows you to quickly look up your favorite song's detailed information. It includes the lyrics, artist's bio, homepage, highest chart rank and video. Handy when you're training for your next karaoke gig!!
icon Solo
Solo is a great, easy to play and feature rich pocket guitar for your phone. A must for all guitar enthusiasts! Features include -Huge chord library with 380+ chords & diagrams -Load/save chord layouts -Play along with music on your phone -Overlay music & lyrics from the internet -Various strum modes, including shake strum

Games: Arcade/Action Winners

icon Speed Forge 3D
Speed Forge: Heavy duty hover vehicles, normally used for mining are now seen in illegal races organized in abondoned factories and dark Marsian alleys. The rock crushing explosives once used in these machines now serve a different purpose...
icon Graviturn
Tilt your phone to move the red circles out of the screen while keeping the green circles. Infinite levels from very easy to nearly impossible. Compare your performance with other players after each level (online highscore and statistics).
icon Moto X Mayhem
Jump, lean, and race through seven levels of amazing motorbike action in the best side scrolling bike game! Lean forward and back on your motorbike as you climb hills and fly through the air using accelerometer technology. Witness realistic physics as your shocks recoil when you land jumps! Or just flick your rider around!!

Games: Casual/Puzzle Winners

icon What the Doodle!?
'WTD!?' is a real-time online multiplayer game where one player tries to draw out a given phrase and others try to guess it. Features FFA and Team games, Global Highscores, Personal Face Doodles, integrated Voice Recognition and more! Real-time drawing!? Built for performance, you'll really see the magic at first doodle!
icon Totemo
Unloose the spirit. Break the spell. Uncover the mystery hidden between the realms in a unique puzzle game. Storm your brain and relax your mind solving over 60 mind-soothing logic tasks. Play the survival mode for extra challenge and write your name into the on-line leaderboards.
icon Mazeness
The goal of the game is rather simple - you need to bring all the balls ( up to 4 per level!) to their goals at the same time, with help of barriers, teleports and holders. It seems simple at first, but it's not that easy. The difficulty is growing steadily from level to level.

Lifestyle Winners

icon SweetDreams
SweetDreams is a revolutionary tool that will finally allow you to go to sleep without worrying about changing your phone settings in order to avoid unwelcome late night calls. You can even use those inactivity periods to save battery power as well, and of course forget about enabling WiFi, Bluetooth or ringtones volume ...
icon SpecTrek
Improve your fitness with this revolutionary augmented reality ghost hunting game. Walk or run around using GPS and your phone's camera to find and catch virtual ghosts. The game offers statistics, awards, titles, records, and most of all a whole lot of fun!
icon FoxyRing
Never have your ringtone going off too loud, at the wrong place or during your well-deserved sleep. FoxyRing periodically auto-adjusts your volume settings based on the ambient background noise. Includes: *Widget *Geo-profiles *Locale plug-in *Sleeping hours *Battery management *Emergency. contacts

Media Winners

icon Buzz Deck
BuzzDeck is the quick and easy way to get all the web content you care about most. Flick through your daily hit of favourite news topics. And get Twitter & Facebook updates alongside. BuzzDeck learns what you like and recommends cool new stuff. Simple, elegant & fast. NB: No landscape mode yet.
icon SPB TV
SPB TV is a highly usable IP-TV solution, optimized to run on mobile devices. SPB TV provides users with lots of channels in multiple languages with easy-to-use features and settings. No subscription fee! Requires a reliable 3G or WiFi network connection for proper streaming. Full-featured 60-days trial.
icon FxCamera
FxCamera enables you to take a picture with various effects. - ToyCam (Toy Camera Emulator) - Polandroid - Fisheye - Warhol (Andy Warhol-izer) - Normal *this app requires SD card*

Productivity/Tools Winners

icon WaveSecure
WaveSecure is a complete mobile security solution that protects your device, data and privacy. 1. Track your phone’s location and who is using it 2. Lock down your phone remotely, making it worthless to the thief 3. Backup all your data 4. Wipe out your data remotely 5. Restore your data May the phone be with you!
icon Hoccer
Hoccer is your application for ad-hoc data exchange. Use gestures to "throw" your data through the air and let the recipients "catch" it. There is no need for prior exchange of contact details.
icon Tasker
Tasker performs Tasks (sets of actions a choice of over 100) based on Contexts (application, time, day, location, over 50 events, home-screen widget clicks and gestures). Design your own home-screen widgets to do whatever you like, change the icons and wallpaper for all your applications automatically , announce when your battery is low, set brightness differently for different applications at different times, en/decrypt or zip/unzip application data on the fly, do time-lapse photography, remap media/camera buttons to do whatever you like, launch music app when the headset it plugged in, make automatic recordings of calls from chosen phone-numbers, lock particular applications in particular locations etc etc. None of these examples are built-in, you are free to do whatever you like! For more information please see

Social Networking Winners

icon Ce:real - Everyday trends
Ce:real, What's happening in this world? Are you curious about real world? How about North Pole or an edge of Africa? Also, it can be your neighborhood. It is offering to you hot photo stories with Twitter trends keyword which has speed of lights. Enjoy millions of happenings in real world and you participate in it as well.
icon SocialMuse
Check out what users on the other side of the world are listening to! Find people with similar musical taste, or just explore the world through music. Browse other users' music libraries, listen to previews of their songs, and buy them if you like them. Check out their profiles on MySpace, Facebook and
icon SpotMessage
SpotMessage is a communication tool using GPS. Send a message designating a spot with Google Maps then the message will be notified when the recipient arrives at the spot. SpotMsg finds various uses; as an alarm reminding you of a task at a certain spot or for sending your friend a surprise message on his or her arrival.

Travel Winners

icon Trip Journal
Trip Journal is the ultimate trip tracking, recording, documenting and sharing solution that is currently available for Android powered smart phones. Use Trip Journal to document your vacation experiences and share them with your friends and family. Track your traveling route, record waypoints, photos and notes and attach them to trips. Visualize the recorded information and follow your position real time on Google Maps. Impress your friends by sending them real time updates from the places that you are visiting, and let them know about what you have been doing lately, share your recorded information as nicely designed KMZ files that can be viewed in Google Earth or export the trip photos to a Picasa web album. Features - Track your traveling route - Record waypoints, photos and notes - Trip Statistics - Google Maps - KMZ Export - Picasa Export - Unique design and UI effects
icon iNap: Arrival Alert
Ever wanted to get some sleep during a train ride, or a quick powernap on the bus to work? You either hoped to wake just in time not to miss your station, or set an alarm to wake you far too early... Using your phone's GPS it will determine where you are, and wake you when you are close to your destination!
icon Car Locator
Save your location whenever you park, and Car Locator will navigate you back to your car should you ever have trouble finding it. - Points in direction of your car using GPS and compass - Radar view, map view, and split view - Parking timer alarm GPS and compass must be enabled. This free version expires after 25 runs.

Misc Winners

icon Rhythm Guitar
Plays like a real 6-string, 5-fret guitar. Strum and pick chords, make new chords, string them together to create songs, transpose songs to fit your vocal range. Great for songwriting, chord reference, learning radio hits, or even plugging into speakers and pedals.
icon Andrometer
Andrometer allows you to measure the approximate distance from you to an object that you can see. Uses GPS, accelerometer and geomagnetic sensor. Tips: - Keep as steady as possible - The further you walk, the more accurate the measurement - Must be outdoors with clear view of sky - Works best under 1 km
icon Calton Hill GPSCaddy
The Calton Hill GPSCaddy is like having your own Pro Tour caddy with you at all times. It allows you to quickly and easily map any golf course either out on the course using GPS positioning or in the comfort of home using Google Maps. Then, when you are playing the course, it uses GPS positioning to tell you exactly how far you are from the significant features for the hole you are playing, e.g. the green, bunkers, water hazards, etc. It can also keep track of the scores for you and your playing partners. The trial version entered in the Android Developer Challenge 2 has now been enhanced to use superior graphics and to allow users to download course maps from the GPSCaddy website. The production version will be published early in December 2009. We expect it to quickly become the most popular Golfing GPS application for Android.
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