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ADC 2 Top 200 Gallery: Travel


icon Trip Journal
Trip Journal is the ultimate trip tracking, recording, documenting and sharing solution that is currently available for Android powered smart phones. Use Trip Journal to document your vacation experiences and share them with your friends and family. Track your traveling route, record waypoints, photos and notes and attach them to trips. Visualize the recorded information and follow your position real time on Google Maps. Impress your friends by sending them real time updates from the places that you are visiting, and let them know about what you have been doing lately, share your recorded information as nicely designed KMZ files that can be viewed in Google Earth or export the trip photos to a Picasa web album. Features - Track your traveling route - Record waypoints, photos and notes - Trip Statistics - Google Maps - KMZ Export - Picasa Export - Unique design and UI effects
icon iNap: Arrival Alert
Ever wanted to get some sleep during a train ride, or a quick powernap on the bus to work? You either hoped to wake just in time not to miss your station, or set an alarm to wake you far too early... Using your phone's GPS it will determine where you are, and wake you when you are close to your destination!
icon Car Locator
Save your location whenever you park, and Car Locator will navigate you back to your car should you ever have trouble finding it. - Points in direction of your car using GPS and compass - Radar view, map view, and split view - Parking timer alarm GPS and compass must be enabled. This free version expires after 25 runs.
icon MoVue
Movue enhances your vision by transforming your phone into an augmented reality device. Focus your world by choosing categories you care about. No more struggling with maps , just point your phone around to assess your surroundings ,select what you want ,and proceed to discover ratings, reviews, and more!
icon Sports Trek
Do you travel a lot, and like to attend sport events while you're away? SPORTS TREK shows information about sporting events taking place during your trip, sorted by distance from your destination or by the time left until each event. Search by sport, country, competition or team. Browse and save your favourite events, teams and stadiums. Use GPS to specify your location as point of reference or find your traveling destination on the map and view directions. Popular US & European competitions are available, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, Champions League, Europa League, top European soccer leagues, Euroleague, Rugby Union competitions, Formula One, NASCAR and more. Add events to your phone's calendar or share with friends. Never miss the chance to attend another sporting event near you!
icon Always Prompt
This application ensures that the user will leave on-time for a Google Calendar appointment. The program syncs with the user's online calendar and will check how long the trip will take (based on transit mode) from the user's current location.
icon Maverick
Full-featured GPS navigator for your phone. See your position on open user-generated maps. Build in stopwatch, speedometer, radar and trip computer. Offline maps support. Share current or selected location via SMS, email or twitter. See your path and waypoints in real-time on the map or explore later in Google Earth.
icon TopoDroid
Take a photo of a map at a Theme park or University, or while traveling abroad, and turn it into a GPS navigable map! Mark waypoints and record trails on any map you download or scan. Maps automatically align themselves to North. Great for Topographical maps. Works without network coverage. Very beta, bear with me!
icon AnyStop: The Transit Companion
AnyStop is a great new app that makes using public transit more fun, dependable, and even safer! Incorporating both schedule and real-time GPS data, AnyStop can tell you when you next bus or train will arrive. We support over 125 agencies (incl. BART, MUNI, WMATA, MBTA, LACMTA; the list goes on), and more are on their way!
icon MyPosition
Send your current position in seconds via SMS, MMS or Email -Map screenshot: Draw a path or write notes on your Map Screenshot. You can share your screenshot with almost all mobile phones via ordinary sms. You can also attach it to Email or MMS. -Adress info. -Google Maps link: Android and iPhone can open this link.
icon BabelSnap!
BabelSnap uses your built-in camera to snap a picture, extracts the text from the photo, and can translate it into another language. BabelSnap is useful when facing language barriers while traveling. You can snap images of signs, menus, or other bits of text, and choose to translate them to nearly any language!
icon PhotSpot
Find out the popular spot at location of your choice and enjoy virtual sightseeing, plan for a new trip. It will retrieve public photos and show them in clustered balloons. If the balloon size is big, then it means the spot is popular for taking photographs. Using Panoramio, you can find beautiful sights. With Picasa/Flickr, you may find interesting trending spot that are arising right now.
icon PickYouUp
Are you looking for someone to pick you up? Without standing at the roadside for hours? Or are you going on a long tour and are searching for nice passengers? PickYouUp is the car sharing agency on your mobile phone for spontaneous trips. Tours in the vicinity of your current location will be shown to you.
icon Food Canary in a Restaurant
Mining the world's restaurants for the best dishes. Have you ever had a terrible dish at a great restaurant or found a hidden gem at a mediocre restaurant? FoodCanary makes microblogging about specific dishes quick and easy. Follow the menu choices and ratings of the Canaries. And track your own menu choices and rating.
icon GPS Toolbox
Navigate easily back to a marked position. Display your sensor and GPS data, speed, acceleration, altitude, magnetic field strength. Can be used as a leveling tool. Compass with automatic declination, IIR filtering and GPS assistance. Share your location. Integrates with other programs that support RADAR intent. Have fun...
icon HotelsByMe: Hotel Reservations
HotelsByMe is a complete full service native Android application that will allow you to find and book hotel properties worldwide from your phone. The property searches return real-time availability and rates, while the booking process is secure and fast. We are a / Expedia Affiliate Network partner.
icon PhoneHotel
With PhoneHotel it is easy, to look for a hotel a) in the area of your travel destination or b), if you have GPS in your smartphone, in a given radius of your actual location. You get the hotel room rates and all other information available. You can choose a hotel and book it with a few clicks online from your mobile.
icon Drive - AR Navigation System
Drive is a fully-functional, light weight navigation system for cars and pedestrians, which overlays point-to-point directions on a camera-view (augmented reality), without the need for maps. Wikitude Drive has the following features: - Mobile AR navigation - Map-less navigation; - Voice commands (requires TTS library)
icon Sign Translation
Sign Translation translates text in photos. Useful when travelling to a foreign country, designed for real-world uses, such as: road signs, restaurant menus, etc. Choose translation language, snap a photo and immediately get the translation. This application uses a proprietary OCR and Google Translate for translation.
icon LawLocale
Use LawLocale to conveniently display laws per geographical location. Example of laws shown: * What time do places stop selling beer? * Are red light/speed cameras allowed to be used by law enforcement? * What is the reckless driving speed? Laws are divided between three filters: (City/County/State). (US only right now)
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