Promotional Opportunities

Tell us how you’re using the Google Analytics platform to solve an issue or improve your business, and we’ll share your story with others.

We’d like to showcase interesting and creative solutions on the Google Analytics blog and in case studies to inspire other developers and offer solutions to users.

Promotion channels

We encourage Google Analytics Technology Partners with public listings in our Partner Gallery to apply for a promotional opportunity, though it’s not required that you be a Partner to be promoted. If you have an app that integrates with Google Analytics, consider joining to the program today.

The best stories are about solutions that you’ve already built, tested, and proven to work. Keep reading to learn more about each of our promotional channels, and what kinds of stories we’re looking for.

Google Analytics social posting

The Google Analytics social channels have millions of followers and thousands of views per day. Social posts are a great way to promote an app or solution that would be useful to Google Analytics users in the community. They're also a good medium to share a more technical solution or tool with a niche purpose or audience.

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The Google Analytics blog

The Google Analytics blog can feature in-depth content about your app, tool, or solution. A good blog post will demonstrate or describe how you’ve integrated with Google Analytics, and inspire other developers to do the same.

Here are some examples of previous blog posts that feature Google Analytics developers:

Case studies

Case studies are a great way to deep-dive into how your solution using Google Analytics technologies resulted in positive impact on your own or a client's business. If you’ve pushed the boundaries of what you can do with the platform, your story might make a good case study.

Case studies are the longest and most impactful of our promotions. Stories that might make good case studies should be about end-to-end solutions for a specific business case or technical environment, that can also be generalized so the audience can see what’s possible and be inspired to find or create their own solution.

Take a look at these examples to see what’s involved:

  • Certain Affinity: A game development company used Google Analytics to make important pre- and postrelease design decisions for their first mobile offering.
  • Twiddy: A vacation property rental firm created a sense of urgency in the booking experience by leverage insights from Google Analytics.

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