Release notes

Upcoming features

See below a list of our planned upcoming features. Please note that although we plan to launch features, it's not guaranteed that they will ever launch.

Target product Feature
Transparent model Variable revenue share

You'll be able to create different revenue share rates, and assign publisher IDs to them.
Transparent model Deductions in child account payments

Although you can filter the Hosted clients report by child account, the earnings shown are estimated earnings and don't include any deductions. We'll add the ability to see deductions in child account payments.
Transparent model Insights into child account policy violations

We'll add functionality to allow you to view policy violations on child accounts that have resulted on traffic managed by your platform account (i.e. all ad requests that have the data-ad-host parameter present).
Transparent model New sign up flow option

We'll add a third sign up flow option. This will be a fully-assisted API flow using a new API.
Transparent model Customized onboarding instructions for non-platform domains

Users can sign up directly via AdSense. If AdSense doesn't recognise the domain as belonging to a platform, generic onboarding instructions are displayed. With this launch, we'll read the value of the "Platform domain" meta tag, and update the onboarding instructions to be customized for your platform.

Launched features

Target product Feature
Transparent model Ads.txt verification has been updated for AFP traffic, such that an ad request is considered verified if either of data-ad-client or data-ad-host are present in the ads.txt file for platform domains. Read more.
Transparent model AFP Transparent ad settings control. Platforms can now decide if ad settings should come from the platform account, or the child accounts. Read more about the ad settings control.
Transparent model A new meta tag (name="google-adsense-platform-account") to automatically add data-ad-host to AdSense ad requests. Read more.
Transparent model Ad units will update an attribute in the tag (data-ad-status) depending on whether or not the slot was filled with an ad. Read more.
Transparent model Customized onboarding instructions for AdSense users when they sign up for a new account with a platform domain, or add a platform domain to an existing AdSense account.
Transparent model AFP Transparent model v1