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GoogleMobileAds Framework Reference

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@interface GADMultipleAdsAdLoaderOptions : GADAdLoaderOptions

Ad loader options for requesting multiple ads. Requesting multiple ads in a single request is currently only available for native app install ads and native content ads.

  • Number of ads the GADAdLoader should attempt to return for the request. By default, numberOfAds is one. Requests are invalid and will fail if numberOfAds is less than one. If numberOfAds exceeds the maximum limit (5), only the maximum number of ads are requested.

    The ad loader makes at least one and up to numberOfAds calls to the “ad received” and -didFailToReceiveAdWithError: methods found in GADAdLoaderDelegate and its extensions, followed by a single call to -adLoaderDidFinishLoading: once loading is finished.



    var numberOfAds: Int { get set }


    @property (nonatomic) NSInteger numberOfAds;