Administer domain resources, create reports, and manage subscriptions and alerts

Manage users, groups, and more

Use the Directory API to create and manage users and groups for a domain, along with their aliases. Programmatically access the functionality found at the Admin console Organization and users tab.

Manage licenses

The Enterprise License Manager API lets you assign, update, retrieve, and delete user licenses.

Manage alerts

Use the Alert Center API to view and manage G Suite alerts.

Create reports

Use the Reports API to gain insights on content management with Google Drive activity reports. Audit administrator actions. Generate customer and user usage reports.

Manage customer orders and subscriptions

Use the Reseller API to place customer orders and manage G Suite monthly post-pay subscriptions.

Control settings for domains, mail, and groups

Manage admin settings

Retrieve and update domain settings for an account, configure domain services, and update domain appearance.

Manage email settings

Programmatically control most user-level Google Mail settings.

Manage group settings

Manage internal and external group access, edit group notifications, configure discussion archiving and message moderation, and customize your account's user groups.

Adjust app resources and migrate groups

Domain shared contacts

Retrieve and update external contacts that are shared to all users in a G Suite domain. Access specific photos and contacts with query parameters. Learn how to speed up your app with batch requests.

Migrate groups

Migrate emails from public folders and distribution lists to Google Groups discussion archives.

Transfer data

Move files from one user to another. Perfect for migrating users' files when they leave or transfer internally.