The Google Mobile Ads SDK for Ad Manager is a mobile advertising platform that you can use to generate revenue from your app.

Key capabilities

Earn more from Ad Manager's in-app ads

Show ads from millions of Google advertisers in real time, or use Mediation to earn from over 40 premium networks through the platform to simplify your ad operations, improve competition, and earn more.

Mediation has ad network optimization built in, which automatically adjusts the positions of your other ad networks in your mediation stack to ensure you maximize your revenue.

Improve user experience Native and video ads create a positive user experience as you monetize by matching the look and feel of your app. Choose from different ad templates, customize them, and experiment with different layouts on the fly without republishing your app.
Scale fast

When your app's a global or domestic hit, you can monetize users quickly with Ad Manager, by showing ads to users in more than 200 markets.

More than one app? Ad Manager house ads is a free tool that enables you to cross-promote your apps to your userbase, across your family of apps.

How does it work?

Ad Manager helps you monetize your mobile app through in-app advertising. Ads can be displayed as banner, interstitial, video, or native ads—which are seamlessly added to platform native UI components.

Before you can display ads within your app, you'll need an Ad Manager account and activate one or more ad unit IDs. This is a unique identifier for the places in your app where ads are displayed.

Ad Manager uses the Google Mobile Ads SDK which helps app developers gain insights about their users and maximize ad revenue. To do so, the default integration of the Mobile Ads SDK collects information such as device information.