Programmatic Basics


The guides in the following section outline a high-level overview of how to use Google Ad Manager programmatic.

Programmatic Guaranteed

  1. Create Proposals - Programmatic Proposals define the terms of who will be doing the negotiating. You define the buyer information, the traffickers, and the salespeople.

  2. Create Proposal Line Items - Programmatic ProposalLineItem are very similar to line items. These are to-be-created line items in which you define the targeting and pricing information to be negotiated with the buyer.

    • Creating Programmatic Proposal Line Items
  3. Sending Proposals to marketplace - Once you’ve populated your proposal with programmatic ProposalLineItem objects, you can then (depending on state) send it to Marketplace to handle the negotiations. See here for more details on interacting with the proposal once it has been created.

    • Requesting Buyer Acceptance for a Proposal

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