enum DateRangeType (v202402)

Represents a period of time.

Enumeration Description
TODAY The current day.
YESTERDAY The previous day.
LAST_WEEK The last week, from monday to sunday.
LAST_MONTH The previous month.
LAST_3_MONTHS The last 3 full months. For example, if today is May 5, 2017, then LAST_3_MONTHS would go from February 1 to April 30.
REACH_LIFETIME This will report on the last 93 days for the following columns: Column.UNIQUE_REACH_IMPRESSIONS, Column.UNIQUE_REACH_FREQUENCY, and Column.UNIQUE_REACH.
CUSTOM_DATE Specifying this value will enable the user to specify ReportQuery.startDate and ReportQuery.endDate.
NEXT_DAY The next day.
NEXT_90_DAYS The next ninety days.
NEXT_WEEK The next week, from monday to sunday.
NEXT_MONTH The next month.
CURRENT_AND_NEXT_MONTH Beginning of the next day until the end of the next month.
NEXT_QUARTER The next quarter.
NEXT_3_MONTHS The next three months.
NEXT_12_MONTHS The next twelve months.