enum NetworkError.Reason (v202308)

Possible reasons for NetworkError

Enumeration Description
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.
MULTI_CURRENCY_NOT_SUPPORTED Multi-currency support is not enabled for this network. This is an Ad Manager 360 feature.
UNSUPPORTED_CURRENCY Currency provided is not supported.
NETWORK_CURRENCY_CANNOT_BE_SAME_AS_SECONDARY The network currency cannot also be specified as a secondary currency.
CANNOT_DELETE_CURRENCY_WITH_ACTIVE_RATE_CARDS The currency cannot be deleted as it is still being used by active rate cards.
DELEGATION_CHILD_NETWORK_CANNOT_BECOME_A_PARENT An MCM child network cannot become a parent network.
DELEGATION_PARENT_NETWORK_CANNOT_BECOME_A_CHILD An MCM parent network cannot become a child of another network.
CANNOT_ADD_SAME_NETWORK_AS_DELEGATION_CHILD In MCM, a network cannot become a parent of itself.
MAX_APPROVED_DELEGATION_CHILD_NETWORKS_EXCEEDED The MCM parent network has exceeded the system limit of child networks.
MAX_PENDING_DELEGATION_CHILD_NETWORKS_EXCEEDED The MCM parent network has exceeded the system limit of child networks pending approval.
CHILD_NETWORK_ALREADY_EXISTS The network is already being managed by the parent network for MCM.
CHILD_NETWORK_CANNOT_BE_DISAPPROVED A child network must not be disapproved.
IN_PARENT_DELEGATION_UNSUPPORTED_FOR_NETWORK Only Ad Manager 360 networks are allowed to manage the inventory of other networks.
ERROR_REENABLING_AD_EXCHANGE_ON_MCM_CHILD When an MCM child network self-signsup for ad exchange but disconnects from the parent, then tries to re-enable again, this indicates that there was an error in re-enabling ad exchange.
ERROR_SETTING_SITE_SERVING_MODE_ON_MCM_CHILD The error shown when there is an issue setting the approved site serving field when re-enabling or disabling ad exchange on an MCM child.