enum PoddingError.Reason (v202308)

Describes reason for PoddingErrors.

Enumeration Description
INVALID_PODDING_TYPE_NONE Invalid podding type NONE, but has podding fields filled in. Podding types are defined in PoddingType.
INVALID_PODDING_TYPE_STANDARD Invalid podding type STANDARD, but doesn't specify the max ads in pod and max ad duration podding fields.
INVALID_OPTIMIZED_POD_WITHOUT_DURATION Invalid podding type OPTIMIZED, but doesn't specify pod duration.
INVALID_OPTIMIZED_POD_WITHOUT_ADS Invalid optimized pod that does not specify a valid max ads in pod, which must either be a positive number or -1 to signify that there is no maximum.
INVALID_POD_DURATION_RANGE Min pod ad duration is greater than max pod ad duration.