enum SiteError.Reason (v202205)

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The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
INVALID_CHILD_NETWORK_CODE The network code must belong to an MCM child network.
CANNOT_ARCHIVE_SITE_WITH_SUBSITES Archive all subsites before archiving the site.
INVALID_URL_FOR_SITE The URL is invalid for a top-level site.
MULTIPLE_UPDATES_FOR_SAME_SITE The batch of sites could not be updated because the same site was updated multiple times in the batch.
TOO_MANY_SITES_PER_REVIEW_REQUEST Too many sites in the request to submit them for review.
TOO_MANY_REVIEW_REQUESTS_FOR_SITE The site has been submitted for review too many times.
INVALID_APPROVAL_STATUS_FOR_REVIEW Only sites with approval status ApprovalStatus.DRAFT, ApprovalStatus.DISAPPROVED and ApprovalStatus.REQUIRES_REVIEW can be submitted for review.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.