Test vs. Production

Test networks help you test your code by providing a completely isolated data environment from your production Google Ad Manager account.

You should build and test code using test networks before you start using it against your production account. If you need additional features added to your test network, please speak to your account manager.

To create a test network, call NetworkService.makeTestNetwork. A MakeTestNetwork example is included in each of the client libraries. You can create only one test network for your Google account.

Test networks are limited in the following ways:

  • Test networks are limited to 10,000 objects per entity type.
  • Test networks cannot serve ads.
  • Because test networks cannot serve ads, reports will always come back without data.
  • Since forecasting requires serving history, forecast service results will be faked. See ForecastService for more information.
  • Test networks are, by default, not Ad Manager 360 networks, meaning that they do not have the premium features found in Ad Manager 360 networks.