DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange APIs and Protocol


Ad Exchange supports diverse ad buyer business models by providing multiple ways to access and buy impressions. With Ad Exchange, you can:

  • Set up and manage campaigns through our UI
  • Automate actions through our SOAP-based API
  • Bid for inventory in real time with applications using our RTB protocol
  • Automate real-time bidding and manage creatives through our RESTful API

How do I start?

  • Become a customer.
  • Ask your account representative to open an Ad Exchange account for your organization.
  • Decide which Ad Exchange components offer the best means to achieve your goals. Match the activities required for your ad buying strategy and application architecture with the uses for Ad Exchange components described below.
    To do this...Use this...
    Set up a campaignSOAP API (or Buyer UI)
    Set targeting parameters for a campaign
    Submit creatives to be used in static bidding
    Discover direct deals that sellers make available to an applicationREST API
    Configure an account used by a real-time bidding application
    Submit creatives to be used by a real-time bidding application
    Code an application that performs real-time bidding in response to bid requests from Ad ExchangeRTB Protocol
    Configure a campaign to be used for real-time biddingPre-Targeting
    You may also find it helpful to read
    • case studies that reveal how other organizations use Ad Exchange
    • program guidelines that explain the ground rules that apply to ads technologies in Ad Exchange
    Your account representative will also be glad to help you determine the best options for achieving your aims.

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