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DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange supports diverse ad buyer business models by providing multiple ways to access and buy impressions. With Ad Exchange, buyers can:

Sellers can use the Seller REST API to retrieve their performance reports and preferred deals.

Getting started

  • Become a customer.
  • Ask your account representative to open an Ad Exchange account for your organization.
  • Decide which of the following Ad Exchange components best achieve your goals:
    • Buyer SOAP API
      • Set up a campaign.
      • Set targeting parameters for a campaign.
      • Submit creatives for static bidding.
    • Buyer REST API
      • Discover direct deals that sellers make available to an application.
      • Configure an account used by a real-time bidding application.
      • Submit creatives to be used by a real-time bidding application.
    • RTB Protocol
      • Write an application to bid at real time the ad requests from Ad Exchange.
      • Configure a campaign to be used for real-time bidding.
    • Seller REST API
      • Get your account's performance reports.
      • Get preferred deals.

    Your account representative will also be glad to help you determine the best options to achieve your goals.