Get started

This guide shows you how to import and run a simple "Facts about Google" app that lets you learn some cool facts about Google. It also has a fun cat facts easter egg that shows you more advanced features of API.AI, a conversational platform that lets you easily build apps for the Google Assistant. Check out the accompanying video to learn more about API.AI's features and to see it in action.

To build and deploy this app, you'll go through the following steps:

  1. Create an Actions project and API.AI agent. An Actions project defines metadata about your app and lets you track your app through the approval process. An API.AI agent defines intents that map what users can say to a corresponding response, which is returned by fulfillment.
  2. Deploy the fulfillment, a Firebase function, that processes the API.AI agent's intents when users say something that triggers the intents.
  3. Preview the app in the Actions Simulator or on a real device.