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Get started

This guide shows you how to import and run a simple "Facts about Google" app that lets you learn some cool facts about Google. It also has a fun cat facts easter egg that shows you more advanced features of API.AI, a conversational platform that lets you easily build apps for the Google Assistant. Check out the accompanying video to learn much more about API.AI's features and to see it in action.

To build and deploy this app, you'll go through the following steps:

  1. Create an Actions on Google developer project to define metadata about your app and to access the Actions simulator, which lets you test actions on the web. Creating a project also creates the corresponding API.AI agent for your actions.
  2. Deploy the app's fulfillment, a Google Cloud Function, that defines the app's functionality. You'll learn how to deploy to a local environment and also deploy it to the web to a production server.
  3. Preview the app in the Actions Simulator or on a real device.