Introduction to Order with Google

Order with Google lets partners take food orders from an end user and process that order for fulfillment with restaurants in their network.

Ubiquitous and optimized for conversion

Google makes ordering food available across mobile and desktop platforms through Google Search and Maps.

Order with Google on Search, single restaurant.
Order with Google on Search, chain restaurant.
Order with Google on Maps, single restaurant.

Flexible ordering experience

Additional features such as order ahead, menu search, suggested related items, popular items, and reorder provide a flexible and enriched user experience.

User experience

The following series of steps is what a typical user goes through to order food with an Order with Google Action.

The user searches for a restaurant

Mobile entry for a single restaurant on Google Search.

When a user searches for a particular restaurant in Search or Maps, they can be given the option to order food through Order with Google. If at least one provider supports the restaurant, the restaurant placesheet displays an Order Online button.

The user picks a provider

Mobile entry for a restaurant followed by two different delivery service providers.

After the user clicks Order Online, they're redirected to a page where they select the following provider options:

  • Pickup or delivery
  • ASAP or advanced orders
  • A provider name. The provider is based on personal preference, wait time, fees, and minimum order value. After the user chooses a provider, the app builds the user's cart.

The user selects their food choices

Mobile entry for menu and another mobile entry for dish details

The user can browse through multiple menu sections and options to select their food choices, and add items to their cart along the way. They can customize their order with add-ons or special instructions, repeat previous orders, and add suggested or popular items. Then, they make their food choices and add them to their cart.

The user places their order

After placing order, user is provided with order details, delivery address, customer
   contacts and billing info.

After the app validates the user's cart, the order submission page displays the order details for the user to review:

  • Their name, phone number, and delivery address
  • Special pickup or delivery instructions
  • Price
  • Tip amount
  • Payment method in Google Pay
  • Promotion code

After the user confirms their order information, the user clicks Place order to pay online and submit their order. After the submission, they receive an order confirmation dialog.

The user checks their order status

After the user places their order, they receive email confirmation from the partner, which contains the order details, tracking information, and contact information. The provider contact is used for post-order support, such as a cancellation.

After placing order, user is provided with order details, delivery address, customer
   contacts and billing info.

Integration components

For information about how to integrate with Google systems and APIs, see Integration in the Order with Google Guide.

Launch requirements

All Integration steps must be completed.

For more information, refer to Launch readiness checklist.

Partner requirements

For more information on the requirements to be an Order with Google partner, refer to our Partner requirements.