Multi-country partnership


  • Each country requires a separate Order with Google project and a new integration. Partners can reuse components already built for the previous integration, if applicable.
  • Integrations for the target countries can differ in the following areas:
    • Payment processors
    • Fraud management system
    • Regulatory requirements, such as nutritional information and tips
    • User data requirements
  • Your formal approval with Google must include all target countries. If it doesn't, contact your Google representative.

Implementation process

For each country, follow the integration steps for a new project.

  • For data feeds, ensure that the inventory for each country is on a separate host. See Hosting data feeds for more information.
  • Although you can reuse the same fulfillment webhook implementation, we recommend that you create a separate fulfillment endpoint for each country for better support and maintenance.
  • All new country launches must meet the launch readiness checklist.