Billing principles

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Service charged

As a device reseller, you are periodically billed for all the devices for which you have enabled the Android Enterprise Essentials service and that have the service enabled during that period.

Essentials is considered as enabled for a device from the time the service is enabled for the device by the reseller using the reseller portal or API, up to the time the service is disabled by the reseller using the reseller portal or API, or up to the time the service is disabled by the customer using the customer portal. The time the device is set up by the user is not taken into account for billing.

Google never bills your customers or vendors directly, it’s up to you (the reseller) to bill your customers or vendors for the Essentials service.

Billing period

Initially, the billing period is a quarter: January 1st to March 31st, April 1st to June 30th, July 1st to September 30th, and October 1st to December 31st. The change from one billing period to the next occurs at midnight UTC on the last day of the quarter.

In 2022 the billing period will change to a calendar month, the exact date of that migration is not defined yet but you will be informed of the exact date at least 6 months before.


The service charge is prorated per day. If a device has Essentials enabled for at least one second during a day (UTC time) then that whole day is charged.

Grace period

Your commercial agreement with Google may include a grace period during which you are not charged by Google for the Essentials service. Any usage of the Essentials service during the grace period is free of charge for you (the reseller). You may still charge your customers or vendors for that usage.

During the grace period you do not receive any invoice. You receive your first invoice at the end of the first billing period that follows the grace period.

For example, if your commercial agreement includes a grace period until March 31st: Google starts charging you for the service on April 1st, and you receive your first invoice on July 1st for the billing period from April 1st to June 30th.


Invoices for Essentials show one line item per vendor (identified by its vendor ID), with the total usage (in months, prorated) and the amount charged as shown below:


Per-customer usage is not shown on the invoice. If you need per-customer data this is broken out in the usage report.

Usage report

You can enable a daily usage report loaded into BigQuery. The usage report contains detailed usage data per device and per day. It can be used to expose daily billing data to your customers or vendors and to get finer grain detail than is available in the invoice.

See the Essentials usage report integration guide for instructions to set up the usage report.


For any question about an invoice or a payment, email

For any questions about the setting up of your billing account or Android Enterprise Essentials in general, raise a support request in the Android Enterprise Partner Portal.