YouTube Direct

The YouTube APIs enable you to customize and display YouTube videos on your site. Now with YouTube Direct, you can add more interactivity to your site by soliciting video submission from your site visitors. This simple tool allows you to tap directly into the vast YouTube community to engage with your site, and it allows you to filter that activity in a private moderation console. There are 2 components of YouTube Direct:

  1. Embeddable Uploader: Embed this widget on any relevant page on your site, customize the look, and start accepting user-generated videos from your site visitors.

  2. Moderation Console: Create video assignments, customize the embeddable uploader, and review and moderate submitted videos for display.

The Moderation Console is designed to run on Google App Engine - Google's highly scalable hosting infrastructure. You need to sign up for App Engine account to deploy the console. Not only is it easy to deploy and run applications on Google App Engine, it is also free to get started.

Here's a video that walks you through the features of YouTube Direct:

YouTube Direct is available as an open source project with the Apache 2.0 licence. To get started, download the latest release of the project and read the Getting Started Guide. If you would like to contribute to this open source project, please send an email to one of the project owners. To report bugs, please file it in the issue tracker.

To find out more about YouTube Direct and who are using it, please visit