[Nov 9 2022] Cobalt 23.lts.1 YouTube Account Switch App Hang, YouTube is Allowing Re-certification of Previously Certified Device Series

Cobalt 23.lts.1 YouTube Account Switch App Hang

We have noticed that there may be instances where Cobalt 23.lts.1 may be causing the YouTube application to hang when switching accounts in-app. The cause can be attributed to the AnimatedImageTracker used for webp animations being destroyed before the image cache. We have fully fixed this issue in 23.lts.2 targeted for mid-November release.

For partners unable to move to 23.lts.2 and must stay on 23.lts.1, you may expect the following difference in the UI:

  • Certain thumbnail previews will be unavailable. Note this does not affect inline playback.

Temporary Mitigation

Force restarting the app will solve the issue.


We highly recommend that partners wait for 23.lts.2, which is targeted for mid-November to certify in order to avoid this issue in the field and benefit from major caching performance benefits. Though we expect to fix this server-side with 23.lts.1, it is not an ideal fix and there may be some minor performance impact.

Getting Help

Please work with your assigned Technical Account Manager or reach out to youtube-devices@google.com for additional support or questions.

YouTube is Allowing Re-certification of Previously Certified Device Series

YouTube is allowing partners to recertify an already certified device series using the latest SW and HW requirements. After re-certification, partners can retain the old certification scope and Cobalt obligations+derivative window will be extended.

Partners interested in further extending their derivative window can recertify under newer SW and HW Requirements. Example: The Device series certified in 2023 would have the derivative window expire on 12/31/2025 but if the Device Series could meet 2024 SW and HW Requirements, the derivative window would get extended to 12/31/2026.

The recertification will follow the complete process of certification using the latest SW and HW requirements without creating a new device series in the certification portal.

Waiver Precondition

Before starting a re-certification, all waivers reported on the device series MUST be resolved.

Please contact your account manager via issue tracker or send email youtube-devices@google.com" with [RE-CERTIFICATION] in the title if you wish to re-recertify an already certified device series.

Contact Points

Please contact our support channels if you have any problems, questions, or feedback.