[Aug 31 2022] Cobalt 22 LTS 6 Stable Release

The Cobalt team has pushed critical patches to the 22.lts.stable branch with tag 22.lts.6 (22.lts.6.308696 push). Considering the importance of these patches, the Cobalt team strongly recommends that partners migrate Cobalt to this new version as soon as possible if you have Cobalt 22.lts.stable on your existing devices.


Cobalt Core

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Evergreen (Matching Version - 2.6.1)

  • cert_scope now included in Cobalt Updater filter fields


  • N/A


  • N/A


  • Removed redundant sync in raspi2 port that may cause app launch issues


  • Upgraded minimumSDK to version 24
  • Upgraded targetSDK to version 31
  • Renamed AudioTrackBridge::GetPlaybackHeadPosition() to AudioTrackBridge::GetAudioTimestamp() for clarity
  • Optimized AudioSink logic to prevent underruns in certain scenarios