G Suite Developer Newsletter
February 2017
Google NEXT
Join us for these can't miss G Suite Developer sessions at Next
Next 2017 is around the corner with over 200 sessions aimed at developers including you, our favorite G Suite Developers. So if you're looking to leverage Apps Script to automate internal processes, get hands-on with App Maker, or are an ISV looking to integrate with flagship G Suite products, check out our full schedule.
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API Tutorials
Watch: Slides API tutorials
Looking to catch up to the ultra cool functionality of the Slides API and how it brings presentations to life? Check out our 4-part series featuring tips on how to replace text and images in Slides automatically, or how to generate content in Slides directly from your data in Sheets.
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API & Tooling news
Launched: Classroom API enhancements to coursework endpoints—These updates add new management capabilities that allow applications to create and update questions, modify and delete coursework, and add Drive items and YouTube videos to coursework and student submissions.
Launched: New Metrics on Hangouts and Changes to Google+ Activity Metrics—The new Hangouts metrics have been added to the Reports API and can now be used to track video calls by platform. In addition, Hangouts, YouTube Comments, and Photos have been unbundled from core Google+ product usage, so you may see a decrease in overall Google+ usage at your domain.
Launched: External Directory Sharing Setting—In September, we will add two APIs to the recently launched External Directory Sharing Admin console setting. The sharing setting is already enforced in the Google People API, and we will now also enforce it in Google CardDAV API and Google Contacts API v3.
Launched: App Maker Early Adopter Program—App Maker is G Suite's low-code application development tool that lets you build powerful, custom business apps in days, not months. It's currently available to G Suite Business customers as part of an Early Adopter Program. You can sign up to try it today here.
Launched: Gmail API: New Endpoints for Settings—The new feature extends the Gmail API with new endpoints for managing settings such as filters, signatures, out of the office settings, and more.
Launched: Cloud Speech API—The new feature, now in beta, enables users to convert audio into text using standard HTTP GET and POST constructs. The API recognizes over 80 languages and variants, supporting a global user base.
Launched: Cloud Natural Language API—The new feature, now in beta, lets users easily reveal the structure and meaning of their text in a variety of languages. It includes sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and syntax analysis.
Developer News
Ultradox launched Live Apps, enabling users to create tailor-made apps for their business from high-level building blocks. If you're at NEXT 2017, attend the Building G Suite add-ons with Google Apps Script session to see a live demo.
Where to find us
Google Cloud Next, M‌arch 8—10, San Francisco, CA
SXSW Startup Village, March 10—12, Austin, TX
Launch Festival, April 6—7, San Francisco, CA
WebIT Conference, April 24—26, Sofia, Bulgaria
Collision Conference, May 2—4, New Orleans, LA
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