Google Workspace APIs for iOS

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iOS devices can call Google Workspace APIs using the Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C for REST.

Follow the following guides to setup an iOS project with the Google API Client Library for Objective-C.


To use Google Workspace APIs with the iOS Client Library for Objective-C, you'll need:

  • A Google account.
  • Xcode 8.0 or greater.
  • CocoaPods dependency manager.

Prepare the project

Create a Podfile for an Xcode project would be something like this:

platform :ios, '8.0'
target 'QuickstartApp' do
    pod 'GoogleAPIClientForREST/Sheets', '~> 1.2.1'
    pod 'GoogleSignIn', '~> 4.1.1'

In this example we used Sheets, but the API could be any of the services listed in the Google API Objective-C Client for REST.

Full examples of using the Calendar API and Drive API can be found in the Google APIs Objective-C Client repo's Examples folder.

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