URL Crawl Errors Samples

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Resource representations

Contains information about specific crawl errors.

  "pageUrl": string,
  "last_crawled": datetime,
  "first_detected": datetime,
  "responseCode": integer,
  "urlDetails": {
    "linkedFromUrls": [
    "containingSitemaps": [
Property name Value Description Notes
first_detected datetime The time the error was first detected, in RFC 3339 format.
last_crawled datetime The time when the URL was last crawled, in RFC 3339 format.
pageUrl string The URL of an error, relative to the site.
responseCode integer The HTTP response code, if any.
urlDetails nested object Additional details about the URL, set only when calling get().
urlDetails.containingSitemaps[] list List of sitemaps pointing at this URL.
urlDetails.linkedFromUrls[] list A sample set of URLs linking to this URL.


Retrieves details about crawl errors for a site's sample URL.
Lists a site's sample URLs for the specified crawl error category and platform.
Marks the provided site's sample URL as fixed, and removes it from the samples list.