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Audio Worklet Design Pattern

Advanced design patterns to unlock Audio Worklet's fullest power with WebAssembly and SharedArrayBuffer.

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Enter Audio Worklet

Chrome 64 comes with a highly anticipated new feature in Web Audio API - Audio Worklet. Audio Worklet nicely keeps the user-supplied JavaScript code all within the audio processing thread — that is, it doesn’t have to jump over to the main thread to process audio.

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Web Audio Updates in Chrome 49

A round up of some of the latest editions to the Web Audio API in Chrome.

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Web Audio Changes in m36

Description of Web Audio standards cleanup work in m36

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Web Audio live audio input - now on Android!

Chrome for Android (v31.0.1650+) has just landed support for audio input via the Web Audio API!

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WebRTC: RTCDataChannel demo, API changes... and Chrome talks to Firefox!

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Live Web Audio Input Enabled!

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WebGL and Web Audio API demo roundup

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HTML5 audio and the Web Audio API are BFFs!

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Web Audio FAQ

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Multiplayer Audio Fun

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Contra in HTML5 + Web Audio API

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