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Adding notification permission data to the Chrome User Experience Report

Chrome 80 introduced quieter permission UI for notifications. To help site owners understand notification permission metrics, we’re adding this data to the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) in the 202001 dataset allowing site owners gain a better understanding of typical user notification permission responses for their sites and comparable sites in their category.


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Moving to the Native Notification System on macOS

As of Chrome 59, notifications will be displayed native notifications on macOS.

chrome59 notifications

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Customize Media Notifications and Handle Playlists

Finally! We can customize web media notifications (title, artist, album name, artwork) and respond to media related events such as seeking or track changing with the new Media Session API.

news chrome57 media notifications play

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Web Push Interoperability Wins

Web push has had a few updates in recent versions of Chrome. GCM now supports the web push protocol and if you use VAPID you won't need to sign up for a Google Developer Project and you'll be given an FCM endpoint.

webpush notifications

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Web Notification Improvements in Chrome 50: Icons, Close Events, Renotify Preferences and Timestamps

There are lots of great new features in Chrome 50 for Notifications, here is a rundown.

notifications chrome50

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Web Push Payload Encryption

Web Push now supports payloads! Find out how to take advantage of this powerful new feature.

notifications webpush payload encryption chrome50

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Notification Actions in Chrome 48

Users can interact with your site without opening up the page by using Notification Action buttons


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Notification requireInteraction - A Smoother Notification UX on Desktop

Notifications on desktop will be automatically dismissed after a short period of time.


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Media playback notifications for Chrome on Android

When audio or video is playing on a web page, a notification showing the page title and a play/pause button is displayed in the notification tray and on the lock screen. The notification can be used to pause/resume play or return to the page playing the media.

news audio video android media notifications

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Notifying you of Changes to Notifications

2 new API's have been added in Chrome 44 which makes using Notifications with push easier to work with and customize.

news webpush notifications data

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Push Notifications on the Open Web

Push Messaging and Notifications are Landing in Chrome 42.

news webpush notifications serviceworker

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