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Help users checkout faster with Autofill

Help users checkout faster with Autofill. We’ve found that by correctly using autocomplete attributes on your forms, users complete them up to 30% faster!

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Port forwarding

DevTools port forwarding enables even localhost URLs to work on mobile.

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Autocapitalize for mobile

Another text entry frustration for users is being removed.

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Fundamentals of Mobile Web Development

A quick look at some of the efforts the Chrome team are doing to helps developers get started with Web Development and iterate on their sites.

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Installable Web Apps with the Web App Manifest in Chrome for Android

Use the web app manifest to control how your web app launches

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Support for theme-color in Chrome 39 for Android

Use theme-color to set the toolbar color in Chrome for Android.

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A More Compatible, Smoother Touch

You and your users want mobile web apps that react and scroll smoothly to the touch. Developing them should be easy but, unfortunately, how mobile web browsers react to touch events during scrolling is left as an implementation detail in the TouchEvent specification.

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Chrome Dev Summit: Performance Summary

Performance Matters

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Chrome Dev Summit: Polymer declarative, encapsulated, reusable components

Polymer is a gateway into the amazing future of Web Components. Learn more about Web Components and Polymer from the Chrome Dev Summit

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Chrome Dev Summit: Mobile Summary

Here's the first in a series of reports from Chrome Dev Summit. There was a strong emphasis on Mobile and Cross-device development, so we'll kick off with that!

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300ms tap delay, gone away

Every click interaction in mobile browsers is hampered with a 300ms delay, but that's gone in Chrome 32 for mobile-optimised sites!

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CSS Background shorthand coming to mobile WebKit browsers

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Use mediump precision in WebGL when possible

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