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A New Device Mode for a Mobile-First Generation

Learn all about Chrome DevTools' new, refreshed Device Mode introduced in Chrome 49.

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Supercharged Remote Debugging, Class Toggles and Our Own Late Night Show?!

Learn all about the revamped “Inspect Devices” UI, toggle classes easily in the now-fixed style panel and watch the pilot of DevTools Tonight.

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DevTools Go Dark, @keyframe Editing and Smarter Autocomplete

Learn how DevTools makes you type less with smarter Console autocomplete, how to edit @keyframe rules directly in the Styles pane, how to have fun with CSS Custom Variables and how to join the dark side.

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Web Audio Updates in Chrome 49

A round up of some of the latest editions to the Web Audio API in Chrome.

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Introducing ES2015 Proxies

ES2015 Proxies (in Chrome 49 and later) provide JavaScript with an intercession API, enabling us to trap or intercept all of the operations on a target object and modify how this target operates.

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API Deprecations and Removals in Chrome 49

An round up of the deprecations and API removals in Chrome to help you plan.

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Smooth Scrolling in Chrome 49

Tired of jittery scrolling? Great, because Chrome 49 is shipping with a new smooth scroll right out of the box!

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Controlling Font Performance with font-display

The new font-display descriptor for @font-face lets developers decide how their web fonts will render (or fallback), depending on how long it takes for them to load.

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CSS Variables: Why Should You Care?

CSS variables, more accurately known as CSS custom properties, are landing in Chrome 49. They can be useful for reducing repetition in CSS, and also for powerful runtime effects like theme switching and potentially extending/polyfilling future CSS features.

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Record Audio and Video with MediaRecorder

The MediaRecorder API enables you to record audio and video from a web app. It's available now in Firefox and in Chrome for Android and desktop.

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High Resolution Timestamps for Events

Find out when events occur with microsecond precision, thanks to DOMHighResTimeStamp.

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Easy URL Manipulation with URLSearchParams

URLSearchParams trivial access and manipulation of the URL's query string

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