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 you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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 Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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import {WorkboxError} from 'workbox-core/_private/WorkboxError.mjs';
import {responsesAreSame} from './utils/responsesAreSame.mjs';
import {broadcastUpdate} from './broadcastUpdate.mjs';
import './_version.mjs';

 * Uses the [Broadcast Channel API]{@link /web/updates/2016/09/broadcastchannel}
 * to notify interested parties when a cached response has been updated.
 * For efficiency's sake, the underlying response bodies are not compared;
 * only specific response headers are checked.
 * @memberof workbox.broadcastUpdate
class BroadcastCacheUpdate {
   * Construct a BroadcastCacheUpdate instance with a specific `channelName` to
   * broadcast messages on
   * @param {string} channelName The name that will be used when creating
   * the `BroadcastChannel`.
   * @param {Object} options
   * @param {Array<string>}
   * [options.headersToCheck=['content-length', 'etag', 'last-modified']] A
   * list of headers that will be used to determine whether the responses
   * differ.
   * @param {string} [options.source='workbox-broadcast-cache-update'] An
   * attribution value that indicates where the update originated.
  constructor(channelName, {headersToCheck, source} = {}) {
    if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production') {
      if (typeof channelName !== 'string' || channelName.length === 0) {
        throw new WorkboxError('channel-name-required');

    this._channelName = channelName;
    this._headersToCheck = headersToCheck || [
    this._source = source || 'workbox-broadcast-cache-update';

    // TODO assert typeof headersToCheck instanceof Array

   * @return {BroadcastChannel|undefined} The BroadcastChannel instance used for
   * broadcasting updates, or undefined if the browser doesn't support the
   * Broadcast Channel API.
   * @private
  _getChannel() {
    if (('BroadcastChannel' in self) && !this._channel) {
      this._channel = new BroadcastChannel(this._channelName);
    return this._channel;

   * Compare two [Responses](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Response)
   * and send a message via the
   * {@link /web/updates/2016/09/broadcastchannel|Broadcast Channel API}
   * if they differ.
   * Neither of the Responses can be {@link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39109789|opaque}.
   * @param {Response} firstResponse First responses to compare.
   * @param {Response} secondResponse Second responses to compare.
   * @param {string} url The URL of the updated request.
   * @param {string} cacheName Name of the cache the responses belong to.
   * This is included in the message posted on the broadcast channel.
  notifyIfUpdated(firstResponse, secondResponse, url, cacheName) {
    if (!responsesAreSame(
      firstResponse, secondResponse, this._headersToCheck)) {
      broadcastUpdate(this._getChannel(), cacheName, url, this._source);

export {BroadcastCacheUpdate};