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 you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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 Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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import RequestWrapper from './request-wrapper';

 * This a base class which each caching strategy extends.
 * @memberof module:workbox-runtime-caching
class Handler {
   * Constructor for a new Handler instance.
   * @param {Object} input
   * @param {boolean} [input.waitOnCache] For handlers that write to the cache,
   * `true` means the method should wait for the `cache.put()` call to
   * complete before returning. The default value of `false` means
   * return without waiting. It this value is true and the response
   * can't be cached, an error will be thrown.
   * @param {module:workbox-runtime-caching.RequestWrapper}
   * [input.requestWrapper] An optional `RequestWrapper` that is used to
   * configure the cache name and request plugins. If not provided, a
   * new `RequestWrapper` using the [default cache name](#getDefaultCacheName)
   * will be used.
  constructor({requestWrapper, waitOnCache} = {}) {
    if (requestWrapper) {
      this.requestWrapper = requestWrapper;
    } else {
      this.requestWrapper = new RequestWrapper();

    this.waitOnCache = Boolean(waitOnCache);

   * An abstract method that each subclass must implement.
   * @abstract
   * @param {Object} input
   * @param {FetchEvent} input.event The event that triggered the service
   *        worker's fetch handler.
   * @param {Object} [input.params] Additional parameters that might be passed
   *        in to the method. If used in conjunction with the
   *        {@link module:workbox-routing.Route|Route} class, then the return
   *        value from the `match` function in the Route constructor
   *        will be passed in as the `params` value.
   * @return {Promise.<Response>} A promise resolving with a response.
  handle({event, params} = {}) {
    throw Error('This abstract method must be implemented in a subclass.');

export default Handler;