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  Use of this source code is governed by an MIT-style
  license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at

const checkForDeprecatedOptions =
const generateSWStringSchema = require('./options/generate-sw-string-schema');
const getFileManifestEntries = require('../lib/get-file-manifest-entries');
const populateSWTemplate = require('../lib/populate-sw-template');
const validate = require('./options/validate');

 * This method generates a service worker based on the configuration options
 * provided.
 * @param {Object} config Please refer to the
 * [configuration guide](/web/tools/workbox/modules/workbox-build#generateswstring_mode).
 * @return {Promise<{swString: string, warnings: Array<string>}>} A promise that
 * resolves once the service worker template is populated. The `swString`
 * property contains a string representation of the full service worker code.
 * Any non-fatal warning messages will be returned via `warnings`.
 * @memberof module:workbox-build
async function generateSWString(config) {
  // This check needs to be done before validation, since the deprecated options
  // will be renamed.
  const deprecationWarnings = checkForDeprecatedOptions(config);

  const options = validate(config, generateSWStringSchema);

  const {manifestEntries, warnings} = await getFileManifestEntries(options);

  const swString = await populateSWTemplate(Object.assign({
  }, options));

  // Add in any deprecation warnings.

  return {swString, warnings};

module.exports = generateSWString;