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User Can Be Prompted To Install The Web App


The prompt to install a web app lets users add your app to their homescreen. Users that add apps to homescreens engage those apps more.

For example, shortly after launching this feature, Twitter reported an average of 250K unique daily users launching their Twitter Lite progressive web app 4 times a day from the homescreen. See Increasing engagement with "Add to Homescreen" prompt and web push notifications for more on Twitter's case study.


In order for a user to be able to install your Progressive Web App, it needs to meet the following criteria:

When these criteria are met, Chrome will fire a beforeinstallprompt event that you can use to prompt the user to install your Progressive Web App. See Listen for beforeinstallprompt.

Other browsers have different criteria for installation, or to trigger the beforeinstallprompt event. Check their respective sites for full details: Edge, Firefox, Opera, Samsung Internet, and UC Browser.

In addition, the scope of the service worker includes the page you audited and the page specified in the start_url property of the web app manifest. See add to home screen to learn more.

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