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Avoids document.write()


For users on slow connections, such as 2G, 3G, or slow Wi-Fi, external scripts dynamically injected via document.write() can delay the display of main page content by tens of seconds.

See Intervening against document.write() to learn more.


In your report, Lighthouse lists out every call to document.write(). Review this list, and note any call that dynamically injects a script. If the script meets the criteria outlined in the introduction to Intervening against document.write(), Chrome won't execute the injected script. These are the calls to document.write() that you want to change. See How do I fix this? for possible solutions.

More information

Lighthouse reports every instance of document.write() that it encounters. Note that Chrome's intervention against document.write() only applies to render-blocking, dynamically-injected scripts. Other uses of document.write() may be acceptable.


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