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Inspect and Delete Cookies

Inspect and delete cookies from the Application panel.

cookies pane


  • View detailed information about a cookie, such as its name, value, domain, size, and more.
  • Delete a single cookie, cookies from a selected domain, or all cookies from all domains.


Use the Cookies pane to view and delete cookies. You cannot modify cookie values.

cookies pane

Cookies are listed by domain. This includes the main document as well as all nested frames. Selecting one of these “frame groups” displays all cookies, for all resources, for all frames in that group. There are two consequences of this grouping to be aware of:

  • Cookies from different domains may appear in the same frame group.
  • The same cookie may appear in several frame groups.


The following fields are provided for each cookie:

Cookie Field & Description
Name The cookie's name.
Value The cookie's value.
Domain The cookie's domain.
Path The cookie's path.
Expires / Maximum Age The cookie's expiration time, or maximum age. For session cookies, this field is always "Session".
Size The cookie's size in bytes.
HTTP If present, indicates that cookies should be used only over HTTP, and JavaScript modification is not allowed.
Secure If present, indicates that communication for this cookie must be over an encrypted transmission.

Delete cookies

There are a few ways you can delete cookies:

  • Select a cookie and press the delete button (delete button) to delete just that cookie.
  • Press the clear button (clear button) to delete all cookies for the specified frame group.
  • Right-click on the Domain value of a cookie and select Clear all from "..." (where "..." is the name of the domain) to delete all cookies from that domain.


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