Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools is a set of web developer tools built directly into the Google Chrome browser. DevTools can help you diagnose problems quickly, which ultimately helps you build better websites, faster.

With DevTools you can view and change any page, even the Google homepage, as the video demonstrates.

Get started

Here are the recommended starting points for some of the most common ways that DevTools can help you build websites faster:

  • Viewing and changing a page's styles. Every developer goes through this experience: you code some CSS, and then you view your page and... the styles aren't being applied. Or, they look way different than you expect. This tutorial shows you how to use DevTools to see how the browser is actually applying styles to HTML elements. It also shows you how to change styles from DevTools, which applies the changes immediately without needing to reload your page.
  • Debugging JavaScript. The first way that most developers learn how to debug is console.log(). This tutorial shows you how to set breakpoints in DevTools, which lets you pause in the middle of a page's execution and step through the code one line at a time. While you're paused, you can inspect (and even change) the current values of variables at that point in time. You may find that this workflow helps you debug issues much faster than the console.log() method.
  • Viewing messages and running JavaScript in the Console. The Console provides a chronological log of messages that give you more information about whether a page is running correctly. These messages come from the developers who built the page, or from the browser. You can also run JavaScript from the Console in order to inspect how a page is built, or experiment with changing how the page runs.
  • Optimizing website speed. The Audits panel provides quantitative reports of your site speed, as well as concrete tips on how to improve it.

Browse the DevTools docs to learn about all the other things that DevTools can do for you. The docs are organized by common tasks.

See Join the DevTools community to learn about all the ways that you can get help with how to use DevTools, or help others. If you ever have ideas on how to improve these docs or the DevTools product itself, the DevTools team would love to hear your feedback!

Discover DevTools

The DevTools UI can be a little overwhelming... there's so many tabs! But, if you take some time to get familiar with each tab to understand what's possible, you may discover that DevTools can seriously boost your productivity.

Device Mode

Device Mode Build fully responsive, mobile-first web experiences.

Elements panel

Elements Panel

Iterate on the layout and design of your site by freely manipulating the DOM and CSS.

Console panel

Console Panel

Log diagnostic information during development or interact with the JavaScript on the page.

Sources panel

Sources Panel

Debug your JavaScript using breakpoints or connect your local files via Workspaces to use DevTools as a code editor.

Network panel

Network Panel

Optimize page load performance and debug request issues.

Performance panel

Timeline Panel

Improve the runtime performance of your page by recording and exploring the various events that happen during the lifecycle of a site.

Memory panel

Profiles Panel Profile memory usage and track down leaks.

Application panel

Application Panel

Inspect all resources that are loaded, including IndexedDB or Web SQL databases, local and session storage, cookies, Application Cache, images, fonts, and stylesheets.

Security panel

Security Panel

Debug mixed content issues, certificate problems, and more.

Join the DevTools community

The best place to file feature requests for Chrome DevTools is the mailing list. The team needs to understand use cases, gauge community interest, and discuss feasibility before implementing any new features.

Mailing List

File bug reports in Crbug, which is the engineering team's bug tracker.


If you want to alert us to a bug or feature request but don't have much time, you're welcome to send a tweet to @ChromeDevTools. We reply and send announcements from the account regularly.


For help with using DevTools, Stack Overflow is the best channel.

Stack Overflow

To file bugs or feature requests on the DevTools docs, open a GitHub issue on the Web Fundamentals repository.

Docs Issues

DevTools also has a Slack channel, but the team doesn't monitor it consistently.



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