school Are you a developer in an agency in the UK, Indonesia or India? Find out more about our free 2 day Progressive Web Apps training . improves performance load times with a multi-page Progressive Web App is the biggest food ordering and delivery company in mainland China. They built their Progressive Web App (PWA) as a multi-page app to improve its mobile web experience, making it faster and more reliable in flaky connections, while accommodating their operational needs to best serve their customers.

Dance Tonite in WebVR

Dance Tonite is an ever-changing VR collaboration with the band LCD Soundsystem and their fans. Built in WebVR, the project works across platforms–with and without VR–giving users a different role into the experience depending on their device. Project creators Jonathan Puckey, Moniker and Google’s Data Arts Team’s creative decisions and advanced optimization techniques enabled high-quality performance–close to 60FPS for 3DoF and 90FPS for 6DoF–and a compelling user experience across all platforms using a single codebase.


Forbes is re-defining modern web development with Progressive Web App technology.

Twitter Lite PWA Significantly Increases Engagement and Reduces Data Usage

The Twitter Lite Progressive Web App combines the best of the modern web and native features to deliver a more robust experience, with explicit goals for instant loading, user engagement and lower data consumption

Lancôme rebuilds their mobile website as a PWA, increases conversions 17%

To drive both traffic and re-engagement, luxury cosmetics brand Lancôme launched a Progressive Web App (PWA) to deliver a fast, app-like experience on the mobile web.