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Articles by Surma

Surma is a contributor to WebFundamentals

Houdini's Animation Worklet

Animation Worklet allows you to write imperative animations that run at the device's native frame rate for that extra buttery jank-free smoothness™, make your animations more resilient against main thread jank and are linkable to scroll instead of time.

Emscripten’s embind

Generate JavaScript bindings for your C/C++ code.

Emscripting a C library to Wasm

Wasm allows you to run C code on the web.


Implications for Web Developers and Chrome’s mitigations.


Houdini’s CSS Paint API allows you to programmatically draw CSS images.

Animating a Blur

A few tricks are necessary to animate a blur efficiently.

HowTo: Components – howto-checkbox

Supercharged Live Stream Blog: Code Splitting

“Code splitting” and “route-based chunking” are some of the new buzzwords in web development. But what do they mean and how can you implement them?

HowTo: Components – howto-tabs

HowTo: Components – howto-tooltip

HowTo: Components – Overview

"HowTo: Components"

CSS Deep-Dive: matrix3d() For a Frame-Perfect Custom Scrollbar

Custom transform matrices allow you to build frame-perfect custom scrollbars.

CSS Grid – Table layout is back. Be there and be square.

CSS Grid Layout makes creating two dimensional grid based layouts easy. It's been in development for over 5 years, but is now available in Chrome and coming to other browsers soon. Let's take a peek at what's new and how you can use it on your sites!

Including Videos

If your video is short and you want it to auto-play—basically, if you are considering a GIF—then this guide might be just what you need.

ResizeObserver: It’s Like document.onresize for Elements

ResizeObserver lets you know when an element has changed its size.

Introduction to HTTP/2

HTTP/2 (or h2) is a binary protocol that brings push, multiplexing streams and frame control to the web.

Complexities of an Infinite Scroller

Infinite scrollers are a common UI pattern. Here we explore how to implement this pattern in a memory conservative way that performs at 60fps.

Houdini: Demystifying CSS

Houdini is a collection of APIs that expose the CSS engine’s internals to developers

IntersectionObserver’s Coming into View

IntersectionObservers let you know when an observed element enters or exits the browser’s viewport.