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Articles by Rob Dodson

Rob is a contributor to WebFundamentals

Removing ::shadow and /deep/ in Chrome 63

Say goodbye to shadow-piercing CSS selectors.

HowTo: Components – howto-checkbox

Accessibility for teams

How to incorporate accessibility into your team's process.

HowTo: Components – howto-tabs

HowTo: Components – howto-tooltip

HowTo: Components – Overview

"HowTo: Components"

How To Do an Accessibility Review

How to review your site for accessibility issues.

DOM Order Matters

The importance of the default DOM order

Introduction to Focus

Overview of screen focus in accessibility

Using tabindex

Modifying the DOM order with tabindex


Improving accessibility for web pages

Removing Headaches from Focus Management

The 'sequential focus navigation starting point' feature defines where we start to search for focusable elements for sequential focus navigation ([Tab] or [Shift-Tab]) when there is no focused area. It's especially helpful for accessibility features like skip links and managing focus in the document.

Controlling Font Performance with font-display

The new font-display descriptor for @font-face lets developers decide how their web fonts will render (or fallback), depending on how long it takes for them to load.

CSS Variables: Why Should You Care?

CSS variables, more accurately known as CSS custom properties, are landing in Chrome 49. They can be useful for reducing repetition in CSS, and also for powerful runtime effects like theme switching and potentially extending/polyfilling future CSS features.

Chrome Dev Summit 2014: Let's build some apps with Polymer!

Building apps, the Polymer way.

Chrome Dev Summit 2014: Polymer - State of the Union

The state of the Polymer Union.