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V8 JavaScript whisperer


The Intl.ListFormat API

The Intl.ListFormat API enables localized formatting of lists without sacrificing performance.

Public and private class fields

Several proposals expand the existing JavaScript class syntax with new functionality. This article explains the new public class fields syntax in V8 v7.2 and Chrome 72, as well as the upcoming private class fields syntax.

The Intl.RelativeTimeFormat API

The Intl.RelativeTimeFormat API enables localized formatting of relative times without sacrificing performance.

Site Isolation for web developers

Chrome 67 on desktop has a new feature called Site Isolation enabled by default. This article explains what Site Isolation is all about, why it’s necessary, and why web developers should be aware of it.

Using JavaScript modules on the web

BigInt: arbitrary-precision integers in JavaScript

BigInts are a new numeric primitive in JavaScript that can represent integers with arbitrary precision. This article walks through some use cases and explains the new functionality in Chrome 67 by comparing BigInts to Numbers in JavaScript.

Loading WebAssembly modules efficiently

When working with WebAssembly, you often want to download a module, compile it, instantiate it, and then use whatever it exports in JavaScript. This post explains our recommended approach for optimal efficiency.

#SmooshGate FAQ

What can #SmooshGate teach us about standards development and the Web Platform? This write-up gives an overview.

Dynamic import()

Dynamic import() introduces a new function-like form of import that unlocks new capabilities compared to static import. This article compares the two and gives an overview of what's new.


Promise.prototype.finally allows registering a callback to be invoked when a promise is settled.

The Intl.PluralRules API

The Intl.PluralRules API enables performant internationalized pluralizations.

Object rest and spread properties

This update discusses object rest and spread properties, a new JavaScript feature.