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Articles by François Beaufort

Dives into Chromium source code

Watch video using Picture-in-Picture

Control Picture-in-Picture for video elements on your website.

Audio/Video Updates in Chrome 70

A round up of the audio/video updates in Chrome 70: AV1 decoder, cross-codec and cross-bytestream buffering and playback, Opus in MP4 with MSE, and protected content playback allowed by default on Android.

Present web pages to secondary attached displays

Chrome 66 allows web pages to use a secondary attached display through the Presentation API and to control its contents through the Presentation Receiver API.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

Let's discuss a Web API that would allow websites to create a floating video window over the desktop

Audio/Video Updates in Chrome 61

Background video track optimizations and automatic video fullscreen when device is rotated are here!

DOMException: The play() request was interrupted

What is really happening with "DOMException: The play() request was interrupted"?

Mobile Web Video Playback

Create the best mobile media experience on the Web by following these best practises.

Audio/Video Updates in Chrome 58

Media controls customization, Autoplay for Progressive Web Apps added to the home screen, pause the autoplaying of muted video when invisible, and color-gamut media query are there!

Media Source Extensions

Media Source Extensions (MSE) is a JavaScript API that lets you build streams for playback from segments of audio or video.

Customize Media Notifications and Handle Playlists

Finally! We can customize web media notifications (title, artist, album name, artwork) and respond to media related events such as seeking or track changing with the new Media Session API.

Take Photos and Control Camera Settings

Image Capture is an API to control camera settings and take photos.

Alpha transparency in Chrome video

WebM just added alpha transparency, and support for it has landed in Chrome 31.