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Articles by Andre Bandarra

Andre is a Developer Advocate

What’s new for Web In Play

Learn about the new features for web applications that use Trusted Web Activity.

Use Play Billing in your Trusted Web Activity

Learn how to integrate Google Play Billing into your Trusted Web Activity project.

Enable Web Share Target in Trusted Web Activity

Learn how to enable Web Share Target in a project using Trusted Web Activity.

Using Custom Tabs with Android 11

How to use Custom Tabs with Android 11

Multi-Origin Trusted Web Activities

Explains how to create one application using Trusted Web Activities that supports opening multiple origins in full-screen.

Passing Information to a Trusted Web Activity using Query Parameters

How to pass information from the native shell into the web application when launching a Trusted Web Activity.

Introducing android-browser-helper, a library for building Trusted Web Activities

Introduces android-browser-helper, a new library to build Trusted Web Activities.