What's New - v8.1.1

WindowBuilder Pro v8.1.1   SWT Designer v8.1.1
Swing Designer v8.1.1   GWT Designer v8.1.1

Enhanced GWT support

  • Support for GWT 2.1.1
  • Improved support for GWT UiBinder
  • Support for @UiField(provided) and @UiFactory
  • Support for @UiTemplate annotation
  • Support for @UiConstructor properties
  • Support for UiBinder Grid
  • Support for Cell Widgets
  • Improved GXT support
  • Improved SmartGWT support
  • Improved Maven support
  • WebKit rendering for 32-bit Windows

Enhanced XWT support

  • Improved XWT data binding support
  • Improved XWT FormLayout support
  • Support for "object" selection property editor

Enhanced SWT support

  • Better detection of "style" constructor argument in "Composite"

Enhanced Swing support

  • Improved support for for "addSeparator()" and "JPopupMenu"

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Provide better error messages for common cases
  • Support for using "Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown" in editors
  • New "Select" sub-menu in context menu
  • Deleting a root now just clears its children

Code Generation & Parsing enhancements

  • Ignore errors in CompilationUnit when parsing UiBinder
  • Better support for parsing generics
  • Reparse automatically after "ui.xml" file change
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