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What's New - v7.6.0

WindowBuilder Pro v7.6.0   SWT Designer v7.6.0
Swing Designer v7.6.0   GWT Designer v7.6.0

XWT (XML Window Toolkit) support

  • Wizards for creating XWT Applications and Composites
  • Wizards for creating XWT Forms Applications and Composites
  • Support for all SWT and JFace components and properties
  • Support for all standard SWT layout managers like GridLayout and FormLayout
  • Support for SWT event handlingSupport for xulrunner-1.9.2
  • Bi-directional editing between the design view and the XML source code

Enhanced GWT support

  • Improved support for SmartGWT
  • Support for dropping any "Widget" on "Tree"
  • GWT wizards are context sensitive
  • Improved GWT-Ext table support
  • Improved GXT column model support
  • Ignore invalid "web.xml" file when search HTML file

Enhanced SWT support

  • Rendering support for GridLayoutFactory and GridDataFactory

Enhanced Swing support

  • Major performance improvements in OSX
  • General speed improvements under all platforms

Code Generation & Parsing enhancements

  • Evaluate generic method invocations
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