What's New - v7.3.0

WindowBuilder Pro v7.3.0   SWT Designer v7.3.0
Swing Designer v7.3.0   GWT Designer v7.3.0

Enhanced SWT/JFace Data Binding support

  • Support for virtual bindings
  • Support for sub properties of observeDetails()
  • Show all Composites in Beans list
  • Improved EMF DataBinding support

Enhanced GWT support

  • Support for GWT 2.0 (Java API only)
  • Support for new GWT layout panels
  • Support for Ext GWT (GXT) 2.1.0
  • Simplify adding GXT and GWT-Ext to project at creation time
  • Show "GXT UI" actions in context menu if configured
  • Support for generic components and their event listeners
  • Support for alignment actions for GXT "AbsoluteLayout"
  • Support for GXT "Component.setContextMenu()"
  • Include "EnvironmentTab" into GWT launch
  • Support for untyped GXT events
  • Support for VerticalPanel Cell properties
  • Added "SuggestBox" to palette
  • New GXT "LayoutContainer" Wizard
  • Show GWT 2.0 "strict mode" widgets on palette only in "strict mode"
  • Support for "CaptionPanel" (any not abstract Composite) as non-this root

Enhanced SWT support

  • Support for "TextViewer"
  • Support for Nebula CButton & TableCombo
  • Special warning when user attempts to parse SWT UI without configuring project for SWT
  • Support for rendering "FilteredItemsSelectionDialog"

Enhanced JFace & RCP support

  • Support for "SectionPart" constructor with "FormPage"
  • Generate and use "TableViewerColumnSorter" for sorting by "TableViewerColumn"
  • Support for "org.eclipse.ui.splash.AbstractSplashHandler"
  • New code generation preference for FieldEditors
  • Support for "DoubleFieldEditor"

Enhanced Swing support

  • New "Automatically change insets to generate column/row gaps" preference
  • Support for parsing custom "ButtonGroup"
  • Step up to Substance-5.3 LAFs
  • Support for copy/paste panels with "GribBagLayout"
  • Execute any "Container.add(Component+[,...])" methods

Code Generation & Parsing enhancements

  • Various parsing and speed optimizations
  • Support for "@wbp.nls.resourceBundle" tag to support user-specific ResourceBundle
  • Support for "local type" as listener type
  • Support for "v++" and "v--" expressions
  • Support for "string + int" and "string + null"
  • Support for evaluating "import static" methods
  • New template preferences for Layout and LayoutData
  • New template preference for inner event handler classes

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Support for "Integer" (as object) property editor
  • In "split mode", when delay is -1, then reparse on save
  • Option to highlight visited/evaluated lines in source
  • Support "Rename..." action for "lazy" variable
  • Support for creation flow in absolute layouts
  • Show "unknown" boolean values
  • Hide JFace widgets when not on path
  • Improved Linux GTK support
  • New "Go To Problem in Source" Button on error page
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