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What's New - v7.2.0

WindowBuilder Pro v7.2.0   SWT Designer v7.2.0
Swing Designer v7.2.0   GWT Designer v7.2.0

Enhanced SWT/JFace Data Binding support

  • Added visual marker for model beans
  • Support for nested viewer bindings
  • Support for ObservableMapCellLabelProvider
  • Support for SWT DateTime
  • Support for Table Cell Editing
  • Enclose SWT DB code in try/catch blocks
  • Optionally generate Eclipse 3.5-only code (no deprecated code)
  • Set defaults for new strategy objects
  • Support for external controller objects
  • Support for new Eclipse 3.5 coding style

Enhanced GWT support

  • Support for Ext GWT (GXT) 2.0.1
  • Support for GWT 1.7 and IE8
  • New multi-page CSS Style Editor
  • Enhanced CSS Style Editor Dialog
  • Enhanced CSS Style Name property
  • Support for "new Viewport(panel)"
  • Improved hosted mode start up error handling

Enhanced SWT support

  • Support for Cursor property type
  • Support for TrayItem
  • Support for Nebula RadioGroup & RadioItem
  • Support for "live baseline"
  • Support for "BeanInfo.getIcon(kind)" in SWT
  • New "Remove setSize()" context menu command for Shells

Enhanced JFace & RCP support

  • Support for CellEditors as viewers
  • Support for "visual inheritance" in EditorPart
  • Added Forms API pref page
  • Improved Riena support

Enhanced Swing support

  • Improved MiGLayout support
  • Improved GroupLayout support
  • Support for editing cell constraints
  • Improved GridBagLayout support
  • Support for dropping Actions from factories in lazy mode
  • Support for "live baseline"
  • Support for configurable column/row gap
  • Use Double.MIN_VALUE as weight for filler column/row

Code Generation & Parsing enhancements

  • Various parsing and speed optimizations
  • Support for parameterized/generic events
  • Support for FormToolkit in parameter of constructor
  • Support for "IBeanAttributes.SWT_STYLE" bean parameter
  • Support for UTF-8 *.properties files
  • Support for "lazy" code generation for NVOs
  • Support for "wbp-meta/ConfigureClassLoader.mvel" scripts
  • Support for "EventQueue.invokeAndWait" and "SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait"
  • Include source code into parsing exceptions

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Use place holders for broken custom components
  • Significant performance optimizations
  • New "Extract as view" command in Palette and Structure views
  • Show better message when unable to load "super" class
  • Added Undo/Redo actions to editor toolbar
  • Show warning when trying to drop abstract components
  • Added Usage Profiler for tracking product feature usage
  • Auto-rename template validation
  • Use full HTMl for property pane & palette tooltips
  • API support for customizing properties
  • API support for reading palette files from JARs
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