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What's New - v7.1.0

WindowBuilder Pro v7.1.0   SWT Designer v7.1.0
Swing Designer v7.1.0   GWT Designer v7.1.0

Enhanced SWT/JFace Data Binding support

  • EMF Data Binding support
  • Support for new Eclipse 3.5 coding style
  • Support for Eclipse 3.5 nested property bindings

Enhanced GWT support

  • General support for GWT 1.6.4
  • Support for new GWT project structure
  • Support for Google GWT plugin
  • Support for GWT 1.6 DatePicker, DateBox and LazyPanel
  • Context menu action "Open Command" for GWT MenuItem
  • Support for RootPanel.get(String)
  • Show special message for NPE in GWT Mail sample

Enhanced SWT support

  • New "Set minimal size" action for Composite
  • Support for non-standard SWT constructors

Enhanced JFace & RCP support

  • Support for IViewSite.getWorkbenchWindow()
  • New "Expose viewer..." action

Enhanced Swing support

  • Improved Swing Data Binding support

Enhanced NLS support

  • New "Add key/value" in NLS dialog
  • Sort *.properties files by key

Code Generation & Parsing enhancements

  • Various parsing and speed optimizations
  • Improved error messages for common cases
  • Ask for main entry point if multiple detected
  • Various advanced parser enhancements
  • Support for factory inheritance

Editor & Property Pane Enhancements

  • Support for Eclipse 3.5
  • Support for OSX Cocoa
  • Support for BeanInfo inheritance
  • Support for "setComponent(SomeType)" properties
  • Support for Object properties in custom components
  • Show better message when bad custom component fails
  • Check for JDK compatibility
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